The Best Sports Betting Consulting Service Available!

The Money Train's sports betting algorithm is changing the way sports data and lines are analyzed.

Don’t ‘bet on gut’ or by picking your favorite team

Let our system do the heavy lifting and tell you the picks, so you can enjoy the game and watch the money roll in!

Predictive AI

Our algorithm is constantly self-improving which in turn means our win rates are constantly improving as well.


Pick Your Package

Select the one-time or recurring package that fits your budget and goals

Receive The Picks

We’ll send you an email each day automatically letting you know the moment our picks go live! Simply log in to your account and access the Picks section

Beat Your Bookie

Watching sports is always more enjoyable when you know your bookie is about to you owe you money!



I have used Scott's services way before he even had a website!  I have won every year and will be a customer for life.

Todd P.

I made over $8000 in my first month on the service, and have won every month since.

Leslie H.

I love that all of their picks are based on their algorithm, I think this is why their win rates are higher than everyone else's!

Patrick F.

I was hesitant at first because of the prices.  I came in when they had a sale and I kicked myself for not joining sooner!  These guys are the REAL DEAL!

Trey H.

About 3 months after joining TMT, I had to find a new bookie!  My old one was a small shop and couldn't handle the constant payouts!

Ricky T.

I came in half way thru College Football season.  I was down around $6k!  Ended up ahead by $4k by the end of the season.  TMT SAVED ME!

Alex R.

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