The Money Train was created in late 2017.  We currently have a staff of 6 and have created an algorithm to predict what to bet.  Our algorithm analyzes important statistical data from each game, comparing that against team/player trends while also running our data against other professional handicappers.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  At all times, in addition to our own research and our algorithm, we are also purchasing premium sports picks from at least 10 sources at any given time.

Yes!  Part of the algorithm we have built takes into consideration what other specific handicappers are suggesting.  That data is entered into our system and ran against the statistical data and trends to gain an even higher advantage.  Think about it, we have created a system that takes the premium sports picks from at least 10 of the best handicappers at any given time, then analyzes those and finds the picks that have the highest statistical chance of being correct.  This creates a system that has the mathematically best chance of success. 

We offer picks for MLB, NFL, NCAAF, NCAAB, NBA, & NHL.

We will NOT make picks just to make picks.  Our algorithm has to rate a pick high enough for us to share it with you.  On average, there is normally at least 1 pick from each major sport each day (if in season).  There are some days where we might have multiple picks from a sport, but there are also days where a specific sport might not have a pick.  Our goal is to share picks that have the best chance of winning.

Based on your package, you will have access to the appropriate section of our website for picks.  We send out an email to the email address associated with your account when new picks for the day have been posted. 

Picks are posted on our site as soon as our algorithm confirms them.  They are normally posted in the morning of the current day, you will receive an email when they are live on the site.

We are constantly making improvements to our algorithm which results in better and better results for our clients.  Last year, we averaged between a 60-62% win rate across all sports.  Following our bankroll management unit recommendations allows you to increase your profit by capitalizing on higher probability picks.

We recommend you follow traditional bankroll management rules and use a unit system for your betting.  All our picks will have a suggested quantity of units to bet.  Most picks will be 1 unit, however when our algorithm suggests so, we will have a pick that you would bet multiple units on. 

Within an hour of purchasing a package, you will receive an email to activate your online account with us.